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First Thunderstorm of the Season

April 24, 2010

First Thunderstorm of the Season

So last week we had our first Thunderstorm of the Spring/Summer season. I personally will admit to you that I am terrified of thunderstorms. Growing up whenever we would have Tornado Watches I would be convinced that no matter what we would get a Tornado. CONVINCED. Even now, I have a rubbermaid container in the basement behind the water heater in the alcove where there is enough space for everyone should we get a tornado- full of supplies, flashlights, weather radio, candles, can opener, canned food, water ect. The hubster says I am paranoid, I say I am prepared. As much as they terrify me, they also fascinate me. I can remember vividly the time when Jadyn was a year old we watched a Tornado form a mere 500 feet from us and I was both scared and awestruck at the same time. I like to watch the clouds form and I love the smell of thunderstorms and rain.