My boys… their first year in T-ball

My boys are in their first year of T-ball. the first few practices were pure torture. Because while they had watched their big brother and sister play ball, they didn’t really get it yet and the first few practices they were bored, and didn’t want to stay on the field, wanted to play in the dirt ect. The first game was also torture. They loved hitting the ball but didn’t want to play the ” boring” outfield. I had to bribe them with hotdogs. The second game, Patrick had finally gotten it and played the outfield fantastically! I see alot of his older brother in his baseball playing. Wyatt however at the second game chose to wander around the outfield with the ball glove on his head as a hat, and his hand behind his back. But just like the coach said… he stayed out for the whole game and that in itself for my newly turned 4 year old was a feat in itself.! Today my Patrick fielded the ball and got it to first base before the runner got there, I was SO excited. He has even realized that baseball is NOT a full contact sport and he can’t tackle his team mates when they have the ball.Wyatt is even playing better. These are the boys after they hit the ball and are running to first base. I took them with my Canon Rebel and use picnik to edit them and crop them and make them a bit brighter.


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One Response to “My boys… their first year in T-ball”

  1. pachi365 Says:

    I’m rolling here – your boys sound like such a kick!!!!

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