Baseball Season …….

Softball RULES!

We are into Jadyn’s 4th year of baseball with Charles Town/Ranson Little  League. She started with T-ball on the boys teams, and then was moved up to machine pitch where she kicked some tail! her coach told us then that she had the potential to be a highschool standout. Last year we moved her to the girls softball league through the same little league and she did awesome. This year she is on the same team. {although I am not digging the uniforms this year. Last year they had AWESOME tank top jersey’s. this year in order to cut costs they did tshirts… not as nice but hey- who am I to complain.} she had a rough start to the season,  had surgery 10 days before opening day and had a HARD recovery. however, opening day she pulled it out, SLAMMED the ball, played awesome and won the game ball! which is huge for any game but on opening day its FANTASTIC! so here is my girl and I right before opening day ceremonies. I didn’t do anything to this pic and it was taken on my Canon Rebel, which I SO need to learn the different settings on.


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One Response to “Baseball Season …….”

  1. pachi365 Says:

    You go Jadyn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the Mommy and me picture!!!

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