catching up….

I have been a bit sad this week, and a bit crazed. In addition to work, and Wyatt’s first day of school it was also my baby girl’s 8th birthday. My oldest child. I can remember the NANO SECOND she was born, and every detail of her birth. I can tell you every detail of my pregnancy- I remember with vivid detail when she was admitted to the hospital at 3 weeks old with bacterial pneumonia, respiratory failure and a collapsed lung- I remember going to the cafeteria for an hr after the nurses made me go eat and coming back to hear machine’s beeping, her saturati0n  level dropping and the talk of “flying her out”. I still have the note that one kind nurse hung on her tent when I had taken a break that said “mom, I ate 3 ounces I love you” I can tell you every detail of her first Christmas, spent in the hospital with pneumonia and her first experience with Santa was in that hospital. Pre-k was not hard for me to send her to, Kindergarten was kind of hard. First grade was a breeze. Second grade… well I had a hard time.  it was like realizing that my little girl was growing up. Right. In. Front. Of. Me. and its not fair. soon it will be more important to be with her friends than to snuggle me, boys will become a priority and all too soon she will be graduating and heading to college. All. too. soon. 

So for her 8th birthday we did a bowling party- and she had a blast. Told me it was the Best. Birthday. EVER. What more could I ask for ????


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3 Responses to “catching up….”

  1. julierice Says:

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. They grow up way too fast!

  2. pachi365 Says:

    Hugs!! We’re right behind you – Melissa will be 7 in a month!

  3. tiggertots365 Says:

    “Mom, I ate 3 ounces I love you” :::sob::: Too cute! Happy birthday to your growing-too-fast girl!

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