and I flaked already….

already…. it hasn’t even been a week… and I spaced out , flaked and forgot to upload a picture. I had a great one too- as Thursday the 7th was Jadyn’s 8th birthday. So  I will make up for it today I promise! Her birthday party is tonight and I will do a GREAT one!

my goal too is to get everyone transferred from the GF photo challenge thread to my blog roll…….


One Response to “and I flaked already….”

  1. pachi365 Says:

    I also posted this in response on my blog:

    First you need to make a header and it’s dimensions need to be 760 x 190 pixels at 72dpi. . Once you have that made,

    Go to your dashboard.

    Click on Appearance. You will see your current theme chosen and next to it there should be a list of things you can do: Widgets, extras, Custom Header, Typekit Fonts, and Edit CSS.

    Choose Custom Header.

    A dialogue box will appear that says Upload new Header Image. Choose the file from your computer hard drive.

    Hit upload.

    That should do it! 🙂

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