mamma’s boy

nothing fancy today- we took Wyatt for his preschool physical and shots and he came home, promptly spiked a fever and took a nap. Which left me for some cuddle time with Patrick- my self proclaimed mamma’s boy. The boy who tells daddy every day that he “ONLY loves Mamma”…… well I can’t ever tell the hubster this..but secretly I LOVE THAT~! anyway- this was not taken with anything fancy and ac tually I can’t even take credit for it. Patrick took this with my blackberry phone and he was so proud of himself that I opted to post it today.


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3 Responses to “mamma’s boy”

  1. pachi365 Says:

    Aww, what a sweet picture!

  2. julierice Says:

    My son is a mommas boy and I love it too! But my daughter is a daddy’s girl, so I guess it equals out, lol.

  3. fryor365 Says:

    haha~ my daughter goes between me and daddy- wyatt is a big daddy’s boy but patrick is a mamma’s boy through and through!

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